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Current Progress

Please complete all of the required sections before submitting

All Customers
All pitch and brand development customers must complete the following six sections.

  • What you do

  • How It Works

  • Why You Do It

  • Customers

  • Competitors

  • Team

Investment Customers Only
You need to complete these sections if we are creating at least one of the following; investment pitch, business plan or financial projections.

  • Current Opportunity

  • Market Opportunity

  • Traction & Validation

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Revenue Model

  • Development Roadmap

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Financial Summary

  • Investment Ask

PitchReady Customers Only
If we are creating your financial projections, you need to complete one of these sections.

  • Financial Projections – Business Less Than One Year Old

  • Financial Projections – Business Over One Year Old

PitchReady Customers Only
If we are creating your business plan, we also need to know some details on your operations.

  • Operations

Once you have completed all sections, please submit your PitchPrep to Robot Mascot for review.

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