These are your long-term milestones over the next five years or so, such as product/feature launches, growth targets, key hires, investments and acquisitions. Please include dates for when these will be achieved.
These are the key objectives for the business over the period of your runway (typically the next 12 - 18 months). This could include research, MVPs, pilots, product launches, key hires or sales targets. It's typically more granular detail than with the long-term milestones.
You may want to talk about the processes and checks you'll have in place.
Add one supplier to each row. Name who they are, what you buy from them, and how much you pay them.
If so, how will you handle them?
If costs will fluctuate, how will you deal with changing costs?
Do they access it online? Or through an app? Or is it a physical product they buy in-store? If they buy online, what collection and/or delivery procedures and contracts are needed?
Cash, credit, monthly subscription? Upfront or on completion? Online or via bank transfer? Perhaps instalments are due after certain parts or your service is completed.
As your team grows, so will your office. If you plan on operating a remote team then let us know your plans here.
Let us know the size and type of building (retail, commercial, industrial etc.). If you have a location secured (or a preferred geographical area) please provide the details.
For example, an office may just need a lick of paint, a retail outlet will require substantially more effort.
Consider things such as office equipment, stationery, computer equipment, printers and tooling and machinery.
How many days will it take from the stock arriving to the stock being sold?
How long before you need to re-apply?
How long before you need to re-apply?
Please include their role, current or expected salary, and when you plan to hire them
Please add a job to each row, along with the expected cost. E.g Freelance PA, £600pm
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