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About PitchPrep

PitchPrepTM is an online tool that guides you to produce a range of crucial insights that help create clear communication of your business idea and your future plans. The tool gathers vital information that will ensure your business plan and financial projections meet investor expectations and hold up to scrutiny. The best part is, you don’t even need an existing business plan or pitch to get started.

The PitchPrep tool is complementary to Robot Mascot’s Perfect Pitch serivce

PitchPrep helped me to think very deeply about my business model. There were a number of things I should have asked myself before, but hadn’t done so. PitchPrep, therefore, encouraged me to answer some really important questions to which investors will want to have answers. Having gone through the process I have slightly adjusted my business model for the better. It was a very useful process and I am much more clear in my mind how best to express my business to investors.

Jacek Kowalski, Founder, Coyntel

Convince investors with PitchPrep

Client’s that use PitchPrep as part of our Perfect Pitch service are 30x more likely to raise investment. We’d love to help you convince investors your business is the one to back, click below to find our more.

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